Blister Liquid Forming Filling Sealing Machine

The Blister Liquid Forming Filling Sealing Machine is suitable for packing different products like honey, oil, jam, sauce, chocolate, etc. It can automatically do blister forming, liquid filling, sealing, batch number printing, eye mark tracking and punching. It is easy to operate. The machine body and material contact parts are made by good quality stainless steel 304, easy to clean.

Automatic Single Way Blister Packing Machine for Liquid


1.The travel scope is adjustable, and the mold is located in the groove for easy mold change. It is touching feeding, using positive pressure blowing mold.

2.Automatic feeding system, and the mold and feeder can be designed based on different products.

3.It has optional easy tearing line pressing device, batch printing device and waste collecting device.


Punching Frequency10-20 t/min
Output Capacity2000-4000 pcs/h
Driving Length30-110 mm
Max. Forming Area150×100×25 mm
Air Consumption≥0.4 m³/min
Forming Film160×(0.1-0.5) mm
Sealing Foil160×(0.02-0.04) mm
VoltageAC 220V, 50Hz.
Power6.5 KW
Weight1500 KG
Dimension2500×570×1430 mm



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