Disposable Blister Liquid Essence Packing Machine

The Disposable Blister Liquid Essence Packing Machine is suitable for packing different products like honey, oil, jam, sauce, chocolate, etc. It can automatically do blister forming, liquid filling, sealing, batch number printing, eye mark tracking and punching. This model is customized for disposable cosmetic essence packed in drop shape blister.

Main process:

Plastic film roll forming into shape – liquid filling – top film seal – cutting – output.

Blister Forming Filling and Sealing Machine

Technical parameter

Punching Frequency10-20 t/min
Output Capacity1000-4000 pcs/h
Driving Length30-110 mm
Max. Forming Area145*100*25 mm
Air Consumption≥0.4 m³/min
Forming Film160*(0.1-0.5) mm
Sealing Foil160*(0.02-0.04) mm


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