Tablet Tube Filling Capping Machine

This Tablet Tube Filling Capping Machine is applicable to the packing of bigger and thinner tablets which are orderly fed into bobbin bottles/tube in a single row in an overlapping way. The device utterly adopts a PLC for centralized control. It is verified in fiber and photoelectric detection and other kinds of detection to have steady performance and reliably automatic operation. It can automatically give alarms and shut down in case of no tablets, bottles or covers. 

Automatic Effervescent Tablet Filling Capping Machine


1, Cap Vibrating System: Loading caps to hopper manually, automatically arranging cap to rack for plugging by vibrating system.

2, Tablet feeding system: Put Tablets into hopper manually, vibrating and sending tablet to channels automatically for packing preparation.

3, Tube feeding unit: put tubes into hopper manually, shaking system will send tube to rack automatically. Tube direction should be checked by manual before put into hopper

4, Cap Pushing unit: When tube get tablet, cap pushing system will push cap and close tube automatically, no tablet no capping, no tube no capping.

5, Electronic Control Section: This machine is controlled by PLC, cylinder and stepper motor with automatic multi-function alarm system.


Loading quantity8-30pieces/tube
Capacity20-40 bottles/min
Diameter of tabletФ12-30mm
Thickness of tablet3-8mm
Power supply220V
Purifying compressed air0.5~0.6MP
Overall dimensions2400*1600*1800mm

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