Low Capacity Syrup Liquid Filling Capping Machine

This Low Capacity Syrup Liquid Filling Capping Machine integrates the functions of automatic bottle feeding, automatic positioning, filling, cap loading and capping. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, chemical and other industries.

Glass Bottle Syrup Liquid Filling Capping Machine


1, With touch screen & PLC control, with functions such as no bottle no filling, no bottle no capping. Variable frequency speed regulation, continuously adjustable operating speed.

2, Overload protection and alarm prompt function, more safe and reliable.

3, Intelligent control of filling volume: the touch screen directly inputs the filling volume, and the filling volume is automatically calibrated. It is very convenient to switch between different specifications and adjust the loading volume, and there is no requirement for the level of the operator. Avoid the trouble of traditional test while adjusting.

4, Machine capping system is suitable for ROPP/Aluminum caps.

Technical parameter

Filling nozzle2
Capping head1
Filling volume100-500ml
CapacityABT. 1500-2500BPH
Air source0.6-0.8MPa
Power supply220V/50Hz, 1.5kw
Total Weight800kg

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