Automatic Big Transfusion Bottle Filling Line

This Automatic Big Transfusion Bottle Filling Line includes automatic washing – filling – plugging and capping – labeling. This production line is designed for glass bottle liquid filling, with soft stopper and metal cap, which is especially suitable for transfusion/infusion bottle filling of infusion liquid, physiological saline, etc.

Automatic Bottle Washing Machine


This is automatic glass bottle washing machine, the machine is suitable for round glass bottle, we use alternating high-pressure water flushing, and preliminarily drying them with compressed air, so that the bottles meet the production process requirements. we can also add bottle dryer and sterilizer machine.

Working principle

The bottle from the bottle unscrambler is pushed into the bottle washer case through the dial, first the glass bottles turnover 180 degree and the bottle mouth faces down, then washed bottle inside and initially dried with compressed air, after that the glass bottles turn over again and back to original.the machine adopts three water once air or four water two air to wash bottle inside.(we can customized it according to your requirements).

Main technical parameter

Production capacity30-45bottles per minute
Bottle volume100ml 250ml 500ml
Voltage380v 50HZ 60HZ 3 phases
Total power1.5kw
Purified compressed air pressure0.2 Mpa
Water pressure0.3-0.4 Mpa
Water consumption0.6-2 t/h
Machine size2000×800×1600mm


 Automatic Glass Bottle Liquid Filling Plugging Capping Machine


This is automatic pharmaceutical glass vial filling plugging capping machine, the machine is used for different kinds of glass round bottles, glass jar and other bottle in irregular shape in food, pharmacy and chemical industry.production capacity can be adjusted,filling system: option peristaltic pump, piston pump,ceramic pump etc. We can customized it according to the customer’s bottle and cap size.


1. This machine integrates automatic bottle feeding, filling, plugger capping machine with glass bottle ,inner plugger and out side caps . automatic labeling machine and bottle collector .

2. All electrical control is in accordance with international standards, the main components are imported components, frequency control, and the running speed is continuously adjustable.

3. Touch screen PLC intelligent control, with no bottle no filling, no plugging, no bottle no capping and no bottle shutdown.

4. The filling head is deep into the bottle at 2/3, and the filling is carried out while raising and preventing the liquid from being forming or splashed.

5. There is a separation mechanism at the bottle feeding entrance to avoid interference with the subsequent bottles when the turntable rotates, and the bottle feeding is more stable and smooth. 5 With the plugging guide mechanism and the correction mechanism, the plugging effect is better.

6. Torque adjustable magnetic torque capping mechanism, non-contact clutch, with long life and the effect is significantly better than the normal mechanism.

7. Overload protection and alarm indication, more safe and reliable.

Main Technical Parameters

Filling Heads6
Plugging head1
Capping head1
Filling Volume100ml 250ml 500ml
Filling Speed45 pcs per minute
Bottle SizeStandard (can be customized)
Dose Accuracy±1% (<200ml); ±0.5% (200-500ml)
Air Pressure0.6-0.8mpa
Power SupplyAC220V; 50HZ 1 phase
Weightabout 800KG
Machine SizeAbout 2400*1500*1800mm (L*W*H)


 Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

HAY200 Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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