Bowl Type Automatic Liquid Filling Seaming Machine

This is bowl type automatic cubilose filling sealing machine,the equipment is suitable for the liquid or soup such as cubilose, beverages, protein beverages etc, it is a preferred machine for canning factories and beverage plants.

Bowl Filling Sealing Machine


1.Beverage filling seaming machine are of integral design.

2.It is adopts pneumatic control and automatic lowering lid without tin can contact, equal liquid level filling method.

3.In order to improve the vacuum degree in the tank, a steam injection device can be configured according to customer requirements.

4.The overall production speed can be freely set on the touch screen according to requirement by various language.

5. According to the different malfunction levels, the PLC will automatically determine if the operation shall continue or the machine shall be stopped.

6.high quality filling seaming and speed,running steady,good looking and easy to use and maintenance.

Technical parameter 

 The number of sealing head46
 The number of filling head1830
 Production capacity30-150 cans/min30-300cans/min
 Can Diameter65mm65mm
 Can Height122-160mm122-160mm

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