Automatic Thick Sauce Filling Seaming Machine

Automatic thick sauce filling seaming machine, it’s suitable for filling of various sauces such as ketchup, pepper sauce, tomato paste, chilli sauce, sesame paste, honey, fruit jam, condensed milk product etc.

1 tomato sauce filler

Tin Can Filling and Sealing Machine

2 tincan sauce filling capping machine


According to the actual situation in the domestic middle and large-sized canning fatories and beverage plants,our company has designed and manufactured a new generation filling and can sealing combination machine by referring to the most advanced same filling and can sealing products from abroad.The pneumatically controlled cover feeding without can body contact and the equal liquid level filling technology are adopted.The production adopts frequency conversion speed adjustment.More than 95% of the appearance materials are made of stainless steel to guarantee the requirements of beautiful appearance and sanitation of the whole machine.The steam jetting device can be allocated according to customer requirements to increase the vacuum degree in the can.

3 sauce jam paste filling machine

Working principle

The thick sauce filling machine adopts piston filling principle.

After the empty metal tin can in sent to the filling position, the compressed air will enter into the cylinder after passing through the pneumatic triplex parts to turn on the filling valve. Under the action of the cam, the piston will move downwards in the piston cylinder to carry out to filling.After the filling is finished, the filling valve is automatically closed under the action of the cylinder. The piston will carry out materials suction.

Technical parameter

The number of capping head46
The number of filling head1830
Can Height50~160mm50~160mm
Can Diameter52~99mm52~99mm
Filling  capacity70~850g70~850g
Production capacity80~200{cans/min}80~400{cans/min}

Suitable products 

4 chilli sauce filling machine

suitable product for reference

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