Automatic Glycerin Filling Capping Labeling Machine

Main process:

Bottle feeding table(Rotary type) – Liquid filling – automatic cap loader – automatic capping – round bottle labeling machine – Shrink labeling machine – output.

Bottle Rotary Feeding Machine

Bottle Rotary Feeding Machine

4 detail bottle filling capping machinery


This machine integrates the functions of automatic bottle feeding, automatic positioning, filling, stoppering, and capping. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, biological, daily chemical, chemical and other industries.


1, With touch screen & PLC control, with functions such as no bottle no filling, no bottle no capping. Variable frequency speed regulation, continuously adjustable operating speed.
2, Overload protection and alarm prompt function, more safe and reliable.
3, Intelligent control of filling volume: the touch screen directly inputs the filling volume, and the filling volume is automatically calibrated. It is very convenient to switch between different specifications and adjust the loading volume, and there is no requirement for the level of the operator. Avoid the trouble of traditional test while adjusting.
4, Mechanical claw capping, including torque detection and capping unqualified alarm prompt function, the capping torque can be set on the touch screen, which is convenient and quick, and can greatly improve the capping pass rate and capping quality.

Technical parameter

Filling nozzle2
Capping head2
Filling pumpPeristaltic pump
Filling volume10ml (can be customized)
Capacity50 (bottles/min)
Air source0.6-0.8MPa
Power supply220V/50Hz, 2.5kw
Total Weight800kg


three e juice filling capping machine

Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

5 round bottle sticker labeling machine HAY200

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Unit

6 shrink labeling machine


 -Single shrink label feeding tray, microcomputer automatic control;

-Automatic detection, automatic positioning;

-Fast label change, labor-saving, accurate cutting position.

Technical Parameters

ItemsLabel inserting cutting machine
Input power2KW
Input voltage220V/AC 50Hz
Productivity150 bottles/min (normal efficiency)
Dimension2100L×850W×2000H mm
Applicable roll diameter28mm~120mm
Applicable label length30mm~250mm
Applicable label thickness0.03mm~0.13mm
ItemsSteam shrink tunnel & steam generator
Input powerSingle phase 220V 50HZ
Input power0.18KW(shrink tunnel)+24kw(steam generator)
Dimensions (mm)-shrink tunnel1800L*550W*1500H
Dimensions (mm)-steam generator580L*680W*1450H
Weight75Kg(shrink tunnel)+80kg(steam generator)

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7 filling capping machine product

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