Smoke Juice Filling Capping Labeling Machine


The Smoke Juice Filling Capping Labeling Machine is simple and compacts structure, smooth and reliable operation convenient operation and adjustment, completer functions, if there is ampoules absent at filling station, an automatic stop-filling device can avoid the leakage of liquid solution, the advanced peristaltic pump is used for metering filling, which has the advantages of high metering accuracy, convenient cleaning, does not pollute solution and no drop and leakage from needle, the filling volume adjustment is controlled by PLC, which is easy to operate.

0 filling machine ampoule

Vertical Ampoule Filling Machine

1 ampoule filling sealing machine


  1. compact structure, occupy less space, suitable for small ampules and milti-specification production and trial.
  2. We use imported peristaltic pump, it has high filling accuracy, suitable for many volume filling demand.
  3. The conjunction between tabletop and support column that above table was designed as chamfer type, tidy and beautiful, no blind corner of cleaning
  4. Adopt mesh-belt and spiral screw to feeding ampoules, avoid the slim ampoule falling over.
  5. This machine includes ampoule in-feeding, N2 filling, liquid filling, sealing stations.
  6. The machine has one-key calibration function for filling volume, easy and visualized setting.
  7. The filling needle is elevated by linear guide rail, ensure needle can accurate insert into ampoule mouth, won’t bump damage ampoule, avoid occur charring spot while melt sealing.
  8. Can be installed with ORABS/CRABS grade LAF purifying hood to realize no interrupt production inside equipment (option)
  9. Can be equipped with online LAF monitoring system, includes the LAF speed/dust particle quantity /planktonic and sendi-metation bacteria/microbe etc, to meet GMP manufacturer requirements (option)
  10. We can custom design equipment according to user production requirements

Technical parameter

Application for1-20ml ampoules
Productivity12000-7000 bottles per hour for 1ml
Filling station1 pcs
Filling methodCeramic pump /peristaltic pump
Filling accuracy≤ ±0.5%
Sealing qualification rate99.5%
Fuel Consumption1-2 M3/h,0.1 Mpa
Oxygen consumption0.1-1M3/h, 0.1 Mpa
Power supply380V/ 50hz 3 phase 1kw
Machine size1100*1000*2400mm 


2 vertical filling machine for ampoules
4 vertical ampoule filling machine

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