Small Scale Nasal Spray Filling Capping Machine

The Small Scale Nasal Spray Filling Capping Machine is a new product developed by our company in recent years. It uses a microcomputer to set the number of steps peristaltic pump to perform metering filling (ceramic pump is used in special occasions), and is used for the production of a new generation of daily chemical and pharmaceutical pastes. Products required by GMP. It can also be used for small-dose liquid filling and capping production in other industries.

Automatic Nasal Spray Filling Capping Machine


1. Microcomputer setting, piston pump to perform filling, material contact parts are all high-quality 304 stainless steel, disinfection-free, corrosion-resistant, and high-temperature resistant.

2. The speed of the main engine can be adjusted by stepless frequency conversion.

3. Automatic quantitative control of production volume.

4 The filling execution and the system have the function of sucking back, and the liquid has no dripping.

5. Automatic display technology function, speed can be adjusted at will.

6. Adopt photoelectric control, no bottle no filling, no capping, no capping. Pouring bottle alarm system

7. Fixed torque screw cap, reliable cap screwing quality, no looseness.

8. One machine automatically completes filling, plugging, capping and capping, with fast speed and high degree of automation, which greatly saves labor costs.

9. Color touch screen display, PLC control system.

10. Automatic stop function, it can stop automatically when there is continuous no filling and no inner plug on any track.

11. After filling, when entering the next station, the manipulator will cover it. The capping adopts a manipulator type working cam to rotate the vacuum suction plug cap. The mechanical cam controls the lifting, and the mechanized operation drives the manipulator to stopper and cover, which has the characteristic of no bottle and no outer cover.

12. The capping part adopts constant-torque double-head high-speed capping, and is equipped with an automatic slipping device for tightening, which will not scratch the bottle cap; the bottle does not follow the rotation, and the turntable will not scratch the bottle body, which effectively guarantees the beauty of the packaging material. Touch screen control (the whole machine is controllable), with alarm prompt function.

13. Work flow: Automatically feed the bottle to the station-automatic rotation-automatic quantitative filling-automatic stoppering and plugging-automatic closing and capping (vibration feeding)-automatic capping-finished product Conveyor belt output.


Filling head1
Capping head1
Filling volume10ml
Production capacity40-50 bottles per minute
Air source pressure0.6-0.8MPa
Power1ph, 110V/50Hz, 1.5KW


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