Semi Auto Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

The Semi Auto Stretch Film Wrapping Machine is mainly suitable for modern operations with large production volumes and high logistics efficiency to meet the packaging requirements of lighter or heavier goods. According to different products and actual needs on site, different packaging systems can be customized to automatically complete the process of sensing and packaging of goods. It is widely used in food, beverage, chemical, paper, building materials, medical and other industries.

Semi Automatic Film Wrapping Packing Machine

Basic Features  

1. With protection functions such as overload and over current, it is safe and reliable.
2. The design is simple and clear, and the maintenance is extremely convenient.
3. Closed structure, sturdy and durable.
4. It is controlled by PLC programmable controller. The number of winding turns can be set, local reinforcement can be                      selected, and it can be automatically reset.
5. One-key operation, flexible and practical.
6. The local winding of the winding target can be strengthened arbitrarily.

Technical parameter

MachineBox packing machine
Packing range500-1200*500-1100 (L*W)
Diameter of turntable1650mm
Packing height2000mm
Overall height2500mm
Turntable height85mm
Packaging efficiency20-40 Package/hour
Turntable load-bearing1700kg (can be customized)
Total Weight500kg
Total power1.5kw
Turntable speed0~12 rpm
Applicable film15~35 stretch film for pre-stretched machine (25μ is recommended)

Suitable products

Any product that need to be packed by stretch films.

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