Pasteurizer & Sterilizer

1.Tunnel Type Pasteurizer-Spray Sterilizer

The equipment adopts circulating hot water spray sterilization, warm water pre-cooling, cold water cooling three-stage treatment or multi-stage treatment, sterilization and cooling time according to user requirements, frequency control, automatic control and high automation.
* It adopts high temperature resistant polypropylene (HTPP) chain plate and adopts Japanese electric components. The fuselage is made of stainless steel.
* High-quality plastic mesh with chain plate, can work at high temperature for a long time (≯98), short-term high temperature 104 °C;
* Solid cone wide-angle nozzle, the flow distribution is even and stable, and the temperature field is constant;
* Comprehensive utilization of multiple energy heat recovery technologies, energy saving and environmental protection;
* Temperature sensor Pt100, high measurement accuracy, up to ± 0.5 ° C;
* Multi-process combination, reasonable process, can handle a variety of materials;
* Sterilization temperature is controlled by PLC touch screen.
* The total processing time frequency conversion control, can be adjusted according to the production process;
* It is equipped with automatic feeding and discharging mechanism for non-circular PP bottles, plastic bags, roof carton, glass bottles, cans and other products, and the transition to the automatic conveying production line is smooth;
* Provide users with heat distribution testing services, use expert systems, online monitoring of temperature changes throughout the production process.
* With automatic control of sterilization temperature, stepless adjustment of sterilization time:
* Be widely used in a variety of bottled, canned acid juice drinks, electrolyte drinks, alcohol, spices and other products sterilization and cooling;
* This equipment can be designed according to the sterilization conditions and production requirements put forward by the user.

2.Pasteur plate sterilizer

Beer sterilization mainly uses 72 ° C, 27PU value (sterilization unit) technology to kill yeast and other biological pollution sources in beer, so that it can maintain the nutrients of beer and long-term storage time under the condition of the lowest sterilization temperature . Pasteurization is completed within 30 seconds, maintaining good taste and flavor

Draft beer is pressurized by the pump from the previous process and sent to the sterilizer for preheat exchange. Then it enters the sterilization section and is heated and sterilized with hot water at 75 degrees Celsius. The seventeenth avenue enters the holding section at 72 ° C for constant temperature sterilization After the preheat exchange, it is cooled with 0-2 ℃ ice water. The material cooling section is sent below 4 ℃ to a sterile tank or a filling machine for filling.

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