Milk/Juice/Other Liquid Sachet Packing Machine

This Milk/Juice/Other Liquid Sachet Packing Machine is liquid packing in sachet, like pure water, mineral water, wine, vinegar, fruit juice, beverage and liquid chemical products. Back sealing using single film. Client can choose to equip with water treatment equipment and juice mixing equipment.

Juice Sachet Packing Machine


It is applicable to packing pure water, wine, vinegar, fruit juice, confecting beverage, mineral water and liquid chemical products with single and compound film.

* If the filling liquid contains particles, the particulate matter should not be too large, otherwise it will block the filling port and prevent smooth filling. If it is a small particle that does not affect the filling, the machine can be applied. The standard machine has a filling mouth with diameter 20mm.


This machine is a vertical type machine, three sides sealing, intermittent high-accuracy liquid packing machine. It can accomplish all systematical processes of bag-making, feeding, sealing, printing date code, cutting and counting. Owing to being controlled by microprocessor, the orientation is accurate and reliable. It is the most advanced liquid packing machine in the home country.


1Film Width(mm)320 mm(can be customized)
3Produce Rate:2000Bag/H
4Power Supply380V, 50Hz
5Power Consumption1.5KW
7Size(L*W*H) 950*1050*2400mm


the machine is equipped the UV lamp to sterilize the inner side of the filling film.

Final product(for reference):

The machine is in back sealing way by default, the sealing type and the final product is as picture below. (only for reference, bag size may be different according to different filling volume)

Coding system

The machine is equipped with a heat stamping coder, it can stamp the numbers and letters for max. 1 line, 26 letters. The photo of this part and stamping effect is as below:

If you need coding machine of more letters or lines, we offer you a coder as an option in the quotation, the photo of the coder and its printing effect is as below:

Main configuration:

1Thermal overload relaySchneider(France)1
2AC contactorSchneider(France)1
3Small relaySchneider(France)1
4Small relay socketSchneider(France)1
6Touch screenXINJIE(China)1
8Proximity switchOmron(Japan)2
9Power switchMeanWell1


Dust cover

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