Automatic Test Tube Filling Capping Labeling Machine

This Automatic Test Tube Filling Capping Labeling Machine line is suitable for liquid filling into test tube or blood collection tube, including function such as automatic tube feeding, filling&capping, automatic transfer to labeling machine and automatic horizontal labeling. It is suitable for production speed needs around 500-1500 tubes per hour.

1 collection tube filling capping labeling line

Main process:

Automatic tube feeder – Liquid filling – automatic cap loader – automatic capping – Horizontal vial labeling machine – output.

Automatic Test Tube Filling Capping Machine


This machine integrates the functions of automatic bottle feeding, automatic positioning, filling, stoppering, and capping. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, biological, daily chemical, chemical and other industries.


1, Touch screen PLC intelligent control, with production counting, no tube filling, no tube no capping, no tube shutdown and overload protection alarm prompt and other functions.

2, The filling head probes to 2/3 of the bottle to start filling, and fills while rising to prevent the liquid from foaming or splashing due to large impact. The filling head guide mechanism ensures that the needle can be inserted into the bottle mouth accurately.

3, Intelligent control of filling quantity: the required filling quantity can be directly input on the touch screen, and the filling quantity can be calibrated with one key. Switching between different specifications makes it extremely convenient to adjust the loading capacity. It reduces the trouble of traditional debugging while debugging.

4, The filling system adopts a modular full quick-connect design, which can be completely disassembled without tools, and is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

5, Torque-adjustable torque-type manipulator capping mechanism, capping torque can be set on the touch screen, and the capping effect is obviously better than the conventional one. Automatic alarm prompt for unqualified torque.

6, The whole machine is equipped with overload protection and alarm prompt function to monitor the state of the organization in real time. If it is not completed, it will automatically alarm and stop.

Technical parameter

Filling volume0-5ml (can be customized)
Capacity500-1500 (tubes/H)
Power supply220V/50Hz, 2kw
Total Weight400kg


7 blood collection tube filling capping machine

* Horizontal vial labeling machine

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