Automatic Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine Line

This Automatic Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine Line is widely used for different kind of liquid in chemical, daily chemical, food and other industries. Including filling and capping. We can equip the whole line from bottle feeder to bottle labeling machine with the complete production line.

Complete Hand Sanitizer Filling Capping and Labeling Machine Line

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine


This automatic filling capping and labeling machine line is widely used in liquid or gel filling of daily chemical, food and other industries. The production line is Automatic completed functions for filling, tightening caps.

This hand sanitizer filling machine line is with capacity of 15BPM for 750ml. The capacity can be customized.


* Our machine is fully automatic and have scientific and reasonable design. Also with good appearance and complete functions, it’s easy to operate and maintain.

* The bottle goes through filling and capping with little abrasion. High speed filling valve assures high speed and exact liquid level control.

* We all use 304 stainless steel or food level material to ensure the high quality of our machine. PLC control system is used and electric parts are using famous brand like Omron Schneider and so on.

Technical parameter:

Production capacity:about 15BPM based on 750ml
Filling nozzles:4
Capping heads:1
Air pressure:0.6~0.8 MPa
Powder:Single phase 220V, 50hz, 2.0KW
Air consumption:200L/Min

Turning table

This turning table is applied for round bottles or jars. The table feeds the bottles into conveyor.

Product speed (b/h)30~60BPM(adjustable)
voltage(v)220V single phase
Machine size ( Diameter)800(mm)
The height from table to ground950mm

Round bottle Sticker labeling machine

The labeling Machine is suitable for all kinds of regular containers,such as round bottles,cans.

* It can make labeling on both top or side at the same time efficiently. Of course client can choose to make one side labeling.

* Client can choose to add coding machine.

* It can work separately or work connecting with conveyor.

* Equipped with touch screen & PLC control system.

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