Automatic Cup Type Chemical Filling Machine Line

This Automatic Cup Type Chemical Filling Machine Line is widely used for different kind of liquid in chemical, daily chemical, food and other industries. Including filling and capping. We can equip the whole line from bottle feeder to bottle collector with the complete production line.

Cup type Formalin Chemical liquid Filling with Lid Capping Linear Line


This liquid filling capping machines is widely used in liquid filling of daily chemical, food and other industries. It is filled by high-precision metering pump and is suitable for different materials and different bottles. this machine can connecting with the bottle unscrambler and bottle feeding machine and bottle collection table. The structure of the machine is simple and reasonable, easy to operate, dust cover is optional as client’s need.

●  All electrical control is in accordance with international standards, the main components are imported components, frequency control, and the running speed is continuously adjustable.
●  Filling volume is intelligently controlled, screen touch can show filling capacity. You can set different filling volume according to different bottle capacity.
●  It’s very easy to operate without change parts .
●  Special anti-drip filling head, good anti-dripping effect and accurate loading.
●  No bottle no filling, no bottle no capping and no bottle shutdown.
●  The filling head is deep into the bottle at 2/3, then rise during filling to prevent liquid impact bubble.
●  Overload protection and alarm function, more safe and reliable.
●  The whole system is controlled by PLC. The color touch screen make the operation simpler.
●  The most part of the machine is made from SS304. For special material which is able to reach the GMP standard.
●  High-precision pump cylinder with low damping piston head, modular design, long life of pump cylinder.
●  Automatic detection of input and output of bottle by photoelectric sensor, automatic matching of machine action.

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